Policies & FAQ


Zero Tolerance Policy

We do not allow ANY inappropriate or sexual behaviour, touching, comments, or jokes. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave immediately and authorities will be contacted depending on the severity of the situation.

Cancellation Policy

there is a $50 cancellation fee on all bookings of sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours. The fee must be paid prior to any other sessions or bookings. If the fee is out standing after two months of being notified, then you lose the privilege of booking without paying in advance.

Refund Policy

We do our very best to make sure our clients are comfortable and happy with our service, but if in the case that a client feels our services were unsatisfactory, we offer either a full or partial refund. That being said, it is mandatory that the client fill out our complaint form for our records prior to the refund.

Confidentiality Policy

Client confidentiality is our number one priority at Ultra Luxe Massage. The only persons with the authority to access or read your file is your therapist. Anyone else such as doctors and insurance companies, will require the clients written consent to obtain any or all information within the file. In addition to this, any information given or any conversation during your session stays strictly between you and your therapist, unless you have the clear intention of hurting yourself or others.

Bad Weather/Road Conditions Policy

Safety is very important to us, especially when it comes to travel. If you feel it is too dangerous to attempt travel (examples: severe storm, high intensity rain, tornado warnings, blizzard, slippery or mucky roads, etc.), all you need to do is call in and let the therapist know that you won’t be coming in due to bad weather or road conditions. In certain cases such as freezing rain, very heavy snowfall, or heavy fog, the therapist may contact you if they believe travel is too dangerous and cancel the appointment themselves. The cancellation policy is void if bad weather permits.

Late Policy

Your time is precious, as is ours, thus if you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment without notice, it is automatically cancelled and a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.



Do I have to fully undress?

Not at all. You undress to your comfort level, whatever that may be. Keep in mind, it is more difficult to massage with the top layers of clothing on but it is possible to massage over clothing if need be.

Why do I have to drink water after massage?

There are 3 reasons. (Please refer to the bottom of the “benefits of massage” page for this answer.

When should I show up for my appointment?

We have an online system that allows you to fill out your intake form prior to the session so we just ask that you show up a couple minutes early for the therapist to start the appointment assessment.

What exactly is a knot and how does it form?

A knot is formally known as an adhesion or trigger point area. It is an area of bunched up, tight muscle tissue which constricts circulation and fluid flow through that certain part of the muscle. A knot can form from continual bad posture, repetitive or overuse of muscles, dehydration and unhealthy diet, or trauma to the muscle.

What parts of my body will be getting worked on?

That depends on what you want worked on. If you want only your back and neck worked on, your legs and feet won’t be massaged. If you want full body, you will get full body. We don’t work on something you didn’t ask for. That being said, our therapist might recommend certain muscles to be worked on but that still doesn’t mean you are forced to have those areas massaged. It is your session so it is up to you what areas and muscles you get worked on.

How deep of pressure will be used?

That is completely up to you. Our therapist can adjust their pressure and manage it throughout the massage to whatever is comfortable for you. If you need deeper or lighter pressure, you just need to let the therapist know.

Am I allowed to talk during the massage?

Of course! If you want to talk to the therapist or have no conversation at all, it is completely up to you. Our therapist will respect your decision to have a quiet session or a chatty one if that is what you prefer.

What if I want the massage to stop?

All you need to do is tell the therapist that you are uncomfortable and want to end the session.

Is it better to go to the chiropractor before or after massage?

It’s best to get a massage first to soften the tissue and to ensure that there are no spasms or tight muscles. This makes it easier for the chiropractor to manipulate your bones and joints, causing you less pain and discomfort.

How often should I get a massage?

That depends on a lot of factors. Do you feel like you need one? Are you sore? Do you have a certain condition? It is recommended to get a massage at least once every month-2 months just to keep up with regular body maintenance, but a lot of people prefer to come in only when they are sore or have a particular issue, which is ok. In the end, it is solely your decision.

What is massage therapy good for?

Massage therapy is good for lots of things including reducing stress, increasing relaxation, reducing and relieving pain and muscle soreness, improving mood plus symptoms of anxiety and depression, rehabilitating injuries, and improving the mind and bodies general health and well being. For more details, please refer to the “benefits of massage” page.

How can I prolong the benefits of massage?

-Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

-Have a bath with epsom salts to soak the muscles and help your body to relax.

-Take this time to stretch your muscles since they’re warmed up from the massage.

-Keep your body moving and warm with light exercise to prevent muscle stiffness after your massage.

-Be more aware of your posture and try to end your slouching habits to lessen your muscle soreness throughout the day.

-Use a ball, a roller, or just your hands to do self massage at home and speed up recovery after a massage.

Can I be treated if I have a certain condition?

Yes you can. Massage is beneficial to most conditions but it is mandatory to get a doctors note/prescription for massage if you have been in any sports, motor or rec vehicle, or personal accident that could have potentially injured your neck or spine. If you are unsure whether or not your condition should be treated with massage, we recommend that you ask your doctor before moving forward.

Do I have to shave my legs?

No. It’s not necessary to shave your legs and you shouldn’t feel self conscious or embarrassed if they aren’t. The therapist is there to help you, not judge you.

Do I have to shower before I come for my massage?

It’s not mandatory to shower before a massage but we do ask (for the therapists sake) that you show up moderately clean. The therapist appreciates it.

Does it hurt?

Massage can be painful if your muscles are really tight and full of trigger points but the therapist will work with you to stay within your pain tolerance. If you don’t want the massage to hurt at all, just let the therapist know and they can do a relaxation massage without any therapeutic focus.

Do I need a doctors note?

You only need a doctors note if you have been in any accident (MVA, sports, slips and falls, etc.) that could have caused injury or trauma to the neck or spine. If you come for a massage and there is a chance that you could have whiplash or any other neck or spinal issues, the therapist will have to turn you away do to professional conduct and scope of practice.

When shouldn’t I get a massage?

-If you have pitting edema (when you press on your skin and it leaves an indentation that persists even after the pressure is released). It is severe fluid retention of the body and getting a massage could move that abundance of fluid to the heart, causing it stress which is very dangerous.

-If you have a severe neck or spinal injury or have been in a car accident (refer to previous question for details).

-If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the therapist smells alcohol on your breath or feels uncomfortable due to drug or alcohol influenced behaviour, you will be asked to leave immediately.

-If you are ill or nauseous. If you have a severe cold or are contagious, please keep yourself at home while you recover. Our cancellation policy is void if you get sick within 24 hours of your massage and need to cancel.

-If the doctor says no. Doctors have their reasons and we, as healthcare providers alike, respect their decisions on your health and well being.

Can I get a massage while pregnant?

Yes, In fact, we recommend it due to all the stress your body goes through during pregnancy. If you feel uncomfortable and still don’t know whether or not it is safe to come in for a massage, we recommend that you ask your doctor.

Is it ok to sleep?

Yes, it’s 100% ok. This means your body is relaxed enough to do so and that is great! Don’t feel self conscious about snoring either, it’s completely normal and we take it as a compliment.

Why do you need to know so much personal information about me?

Therapists need to know the body they are working on to give a beneficial massage. It’s good to know what your occupation is so we know what your body goes through on a regular basis. Contact information is important as well to ensure that we can get ahold of you if need be. For example, if your doctor or health insurance provider needed a copy of your files, we can contact you to move forward with the situation. Or if you left something behind and we wanted to return it to you. We take pride in confidentiality and promise you that your personal information is not given out to anyone unless you give your written consent.