We charge based on time, rather than by individual service. We also have a discount for all of our adolescent and senior clients, ages 13 and under and 65 and older. GST is also included in our prices rather than being additional to. Our prices reflect our quality of work, as well as our expertise, and the time invested in every client. Please be aware, we do not charge extra or take time away from the massage for consultations, assessments, and homecare, so please allow an additional 15-20 minutes in your schedule when booking if you believe the therapist will need to take these extra steps in order to reach your wellness goals.

30 min- $65.00
45 min- $90.00
60 min- $125.00
90 min- $180.00
120 min- $240.00

Adolescents and Seniors:
30 min- $55.00
45 min- $75.00
60 min- $105.00
90 min- $155.00
120 min- $210.00

We also offer gift certificates!